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Mechanics and Servicing

Finding minor faults before they become major problems

Castleshane Motors recommend that every car receives a full service annually. Regular servicing can help find minor problems with a vehicle, before they become major setbacks. Our servicing comprises a fully-comprehensive 40-point check, including:

  • changing all filters, air, oil, fuel and plugs
  • checking all brakes
  • testing suspension and operation of suspension dampeners
  • checking the timing belts
  • looking for any damage to bodywork, lamps, and trims
  • testing all seat belts
  • ensuring all interior and exterior lights are in full working order, including any dashboard warning lights
  • testing windscreen washers and wipers
  • lubricating all door hinges and bonnet catches
  • adding fuel treatment
  • flushing the engine

We would also recommend that you have an interim service, or at least an oil and filter change, every six months.